The Return Of A Friend

Be still and have no worry or fear
For I shall return
Like the Prodigal son
Even if only as a friend
If that is all that is required
But fate can be cruel or if you’re lucky kind
Wisdom is gained by learning from mistakes
Sure none of us are perfect
The what if’s and if only’s
Can be consigned to the past
The future can throw another lifeline
And with greater insight opportunities are
Better taken care of
Ambiguity can cause turmoil
So say it simple and plain
If we adhere to these guidelines
It may result in gain
For what is done is done
And if we dared to move forward
A bright new day may be won
So set aside your differences
And look for the things that unite
Sure didn’t Christ summarise if perfectly
Love thy God with all your heart and mind
Love your neighbour as yourself
And do unto others as you would have them do unto you

Copyright 28th October 2002 Brendan G Quinn