Inner Peace

People talk about Peace
But as someone famous once said
To gain Peace
First be at peace with yourself
And then it shall radiate out
Don’t expect perfection in other people
As no-one themself is perfect
Try your best to forgive
And not harbour grudges
Which eat away at you
Respect diversity and try
Not to be judgemental
As no-one knows what
Another person has experienced
Or is still going through
Be the best that you can
Possibly be
And look for love and understanding
In all of your relationships
Never lose your sense of wonder
And mistakenly take things for granted
Believe everything in life
is mean’t for a purpose
Although it may be good
Or difficult at the time
Never give up in life
As we all have hope in our hearts
When faced with difficulties ask God
For help and leave it in his hands
If you have anything you would
like to do before you die
Then do it immediately
You may not get another chance

Copyright 27th August 2004 Brendan G Quinn