About Brendan Quinn

Brendan Quinn

Brendan Quinn

I am a singer, songwriter and poet, writing and singing  love and peace material of my own.  I have recorded a CD entitled ” The Miracle of Love and Peace” and a Second Album entitled “I Love Your Smile” My most recent song is about my experiences locally and is entitled “THAT MIRACLE”

Albums and songs are available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer and usual outlets.

The music and poems have been passed to Eminent Politicians, Church leaders, Actors, Writers and many  from across the community with a view to helping and promoting Peace, Love, Reconciliation etc with my material. The Cds are my original copyright of my songs including a Peace poem, various local artists helped with the music and recording.

Belfast is a City which has improved immensely Thankfully.

My music has featured on BBC Radio Ulster, U105, Drive FM Derry, Downtown Radio, Belfast89, Radio Failte, Premier Christian Radio and more recently Dublin City FM –  Sean Brophy show

Hope you like my material and you can feel free to listen and/or contact me regarding same Belfast 07969371556

Plenty of people are coming to Belfast we Welcome you All,

God Bless all with Love and Peace,

Thanks for all your kindness and support,

Brendan Quinn